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  • Hi @Ad0ra_ I have signed up, I was in the forums reporting the issue and several of my allies are also facing it. I'm very tech savvy and hope you consider me for the test, and any future Beta's to contribute as much as possible.
  • This is something I will test out thanks for this tip! If this is true then the logic of this ask is indeed valid, that means something is not quite well setup to recognize the appropriate debuff to apply depending on both the character and the node "benefits" being inherited.
  • He can't. But there are no stun inmune champs (sort of, IM IW does not count). But my point is nodes in AW or Quests give them this and then his ability does not work. Hence, a bleed inmunity given by a node should count the same way as to enable Elektra's armor break in a node to any champ. Thor's case is just an example.
  • Agreed how it work today and why , but then the logic shouldn't apply to Thor's armor break. Just as an example. I think this (and x-23s case) should be looked at.
  • I agree my friend, but then this would mean for example that Thor's armor break should work in in stun inmune nodes, as the champion itself isn't stun inmune. So if in Thor's case the armor break can't be applied due to the node giving the property of stun inmunity, hence not triggering the armor break, shouldn't the bleed…
  • • OS: iOS 11.4 • Device Model: iPhone8 • Carrier: TELCEL • Wifi or Data: BOTH Also getting the overheating since yesterday, it get's to be un confortable to play
  • I agree with OP @GOT_BOOST , and in light of the recent proof out there, I believe excluding them from Season is step 1; a Badge to mark that alliance (not the players) to make it public in the Alliance Wall is a parallel step 2, and if a player is consistently running as officer or player in alliances that end up in this…
  • @"Kabam Zibiit" this is the other thread, should be easy for the dev team to look into; maybe something to push also with next update.
  • @"Kabam Zibiit" Hi, take a look at this one; also, another thread on the same issue is around, I'll tag you.
  • @mum_m2 yeah the issue is not that resources are lost, but that there is no way to guarantee everyone donated they're part. The point, is that the issue got broken from the last update and has not been fixed. I have donated 3 weeks without and issue and yesterday I found it again for me, and other 2 members of my alliance.…
  • Thanks team @"Kabam Zibiit" and Lyra
  • Still happening to some members in my alliance
  • Confirmed in our alliance it's happening to some members. I tried doing a test with Loyalty and I'm not getting it, but I have summoners confirming their issues is when trying to complete our minimum ask when they were below. Flagging post so we can be aware of the fix.
  • For some reason I never got a notification on this response. Thanks team, I read through and you are correct. Then I was VERY lucky because I can swear i only got that ISO once and all the rest were Signature Stones. I was able to take my 5* Blade up to 200 thanks to those missions =) have a great weekend!
  • Puedo confirmar que esto está sucediendo también en la nuestra, y también tuvimos algunos problemas para terminar gesta ya que Dormammu no contaba la vida perdida de peleas anteriores. Revisen las conexionez como sus servidores. Gracias de antemano.
    dans Tesoreria de alianza Commentaire de KwAmOn avril 2018
  • @beyonder8421 the Drain is passive, does not bring up and icon, so it should proc. It's like SW nullify effect on hit.
  • can confirm is happening, although subsequent Synthesis events seem to proc OK. Still important to fix and test, reporting AQ CPU versions also have the issue.
  • @Voluntaris did you test with dr strange for follow up?
  • I can confirm this happened to me yesterday with MODOK as alliance war boss. Annoying as hell to get those parries. Thanks for getting on this.
  • Thank you @DNA3000 for the reply =) Yes, hopefully all agendas can be addressed, specially if it's to build suggestions & share around more ideas for Kabam to do (hopefully) As for debunking false or innacurate posts, I understand & stand with you and many others. My intention es merely to suggest we focus our valuable…
  • Guys let's stop and recap promptly and avoid further discussion. @GroundedWisdom has stated he believes taking out defender kills was a necessary move and tie breakers put in place have done what is intended. That is his point of view and that is OK, he might not agree with all and that is also OK. If you don't agree just…
  • Guys let's stop and recap promptly and avoid further discussion. @GroundedWisdom has stated he believes taking out defender kills was a necessary move and tie breakers put in place have done what is intended. That is his point of view and that is OK, he might not agree with all and that is also OK. If you don't agree just…
  • See why I encourage all to stop trying to respond to someone that does not represent the view of the majority? Let it be. He has his point, and that is that. Let's move on and only comment on people bringing ideas to improve.
  • Yeah, I hear you guys @LocoMotives @chunkyb , until someone in Kabam like @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Vydious" respond, then ideas won't go nowhere. To address that point I believe at least if we hear out the ideas then we can come up with more solid scenarios to put together, and maybe some of us have the opportunity to…
  • Guys just stop this nonsense. If you don't believe @GroundedWisdom input to be solid, addressing player concerns & lacks credibility, then just STOP replying to him. To whatever extended this is just fueling more argumentation and more posts without input for Kabam to really take back. I find it disappointing you prefer to…
  • Quoting myself to bring this to the front of all =) @LeNoirFaineant this was the post I mentioned
  • Hi @"Kabam Vydious", this might have been addressed, if not it would be good to have a reply because then people could be continuously exploiting it?
  • Er, nope. This didn't happen before iOS 11. This is the problem, since the new OS version this happens, which means it's linked to something that was implemented but the game has not adapted to in order to avoid the behavior. Now, if this was an official update by Apple to implement in the newest OS installment it should…
  • Actually it would be awesome if various maps could be implemented and work as random layouts. That could even be taken to address another layer of difficulties to tier the war better.
  • Guys leave the individual observations out and let's focus on solutions and proposals. I have added some two days back, it would be great so see constructive comments to build on if your belive then to be good ideas.