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  • Sent you a request in game
  • @Qfury i maxed out my Ultron. No regrets! I do wish he had the thing miles is getting where parry overrides evade though. @Lpoo That nexus saved that batch and G99 is a monster
  • @French2 Let me bestow upon you all of the luck that has now departed from body, for I will not attain such greatness again for many moons.
  • Either awakened?
    dans Who to R5 Commentaire de StaphMember 24 août
  • One would have thought changing the code for drop rate in featured cavs would have changed the drop rate for all featured cavs or, as a preventative measure, all previous crystals would be purged to avoid something like this…for the third time
  • Personally, with 6* sig stone as “rare” as they are I would use a generic on someone like Nick Fury someone else that doesn’t need a high sig.
  • Pretty much sums up the theme of the forums for today / this month
    dans Meme Thread Commentaire de StaphMember 23 août
  • It’s because Jarvis won’t let IWIM fight Vision. He’s infiltrated the game’s AI! Also “Heroes do not match heroes” has the same energy as “You’re about to take the full force of a star, it’ll kill you. —Only if I die —That’s what killing you means”
    dans Arena broken Commentaire de StaphMember 23 août
  • You would think having messed up twice this month already, Kabam would have figured out they need to check the drop rates themselves
  • Are these the drop rates of featured cavs before they changed? 1% at a 6* was standard. These seem to be 1.5% (assuming the 0.31% is included in the general 6* pool) Even the Spiderman 2099 Featured crystal active now has a 4.5% chance at a 6*.... This is the 3rd time this month they've released crystals with the wrong…
  • I haven't grinded for a character in arena in a long time, but unless they changed something when they revamped arena's you never got iso or gold for getting the champ if it was a duplicate. It essentially came down to an awakening gem for that character or use of 1 sig stone if they were already awakened.
  • Might have been reasonable with 3/4* with access to arena boosts. I'm not gambling on the smallest solo crystal for a negligible chance at a 2* arena boost (if they even exist) I'll probably get through the arena just enough to top off the shards in inventory at the moment and get a few of the collector crystals
  • If the energy damage on each hit counts as damage over time, he shouldn’t have any problem. Colossus had “direct damage” with parry that worked for the DoT prompt so the energy damage, I suspect, should have a similar interaction.
  • If somehow either of these win, I would not recommend withholding ranking Ultron or She-hulk and delay your progression to thronebreaker. Take whoever you can as soon as you can to start getting the better daily rewards.
    dans TB R3 question Commentaire de StaphMember 23 août
  • Forewarning: I caught a lot of flack for a half suicide build because “recoil damage isn’t worth 30% ↑ attack” but I’m not keen on sacrificing masteries in other areas to build up coagulate and double edge.
  • I had previously tried the base suicides and written them off entirely because I didn’t like the roster limitations and damage taken with special attacks. After reviewing the tiered progression of the masteries themselves though, I found that increasing points in Liquid courage will add to your attack bonus without any…
  • Ultron has double immunity, regen, great bleed/damage over time, armor up to counter Havok and if you awaken him, he has additional regen when blocking energy attacks. Maxed out my 5* on a whim after the buff and love using him! Great synergies too
    dans TB R3 question Commentaire de StaphMember 23 août
  • The What If Cav Nexus crystals? They were correct. I checked before purchasing. 3% 6 star 16% 5 star etc. This is the same as the standard Cav Crystal (not the daily Cav deal) if you account for the 2.4% standard 6* rate with the 0.6% Nexus rate Also, 3* will never be removed from Cavs. Every crystal is a gamble and…
  • If you force close the app, does it continue? I’ve had it happen a few times and a hard reset usually got things running.
  • If you try this after throwing a special or shortly after a previous heavy, it’s possible that the “charge” hasn’t reset. I played wasp in Arenas earlier and she was working as intended.
    dans Wasp Commentaire de StaphMember 22 août
  • Came here to make sure a pre-fight ability was listed. His rng element gun is way outdated considering it’s essentially the same mechanics and stealth spidey’s web cartridges or The prefight abilities of StormX or Sorcerer Supreme.
  • @Rockypantherx Love your list and went ahead and scoped out the calendar as well. I like the idea of Nightmare/Strange Villain, but that slot could be Wong. He has a part in Shang Chi and MoM
  • Does this occur in phase 3? I believe there is an icon next to the challenge dictating the number of times said challenge needs to be done. Dash back 4-5 time, 3 parries, hit into block 3-4 times, etc. if I remember correctly. It may be registering parry, but because it requires multiple successful attempts the challenge…
  • I’m sure he’s on the list, but the list is long and next month (September for sure, and likely October) is probably not in the cards. I’m sure reprogramming code for the buffs begins months in advance. For the Summoner’s choice buff polls in the past, Kabam has listed: Kamala Khan (both times) Groot Venompool (Already…
  • Glanced over Warlock R3, my vote would be HB or max your 5* Sentinel No Ultron out of frame is there? I’m loving him after the buff
  • Void @ sig 90: +2200 attack rating for 40 seconds with 30% faster debuff application. Seems worth it to me. You’ve got to go through 90 on the way to 200.
  • I doubt Thanos will get anything he’s a trophy champ. If something changes it will be minimal numbers boost.
  • Parry/dex issues come up: cancel war season immediately Parry/dex issues still present/worse: start new war season
    dans Meme Thread Commentaire de StaphMember 20 août
  • Parry/dex issues come up: cancel war season immediately Parry/dex issues still present/worse: start new war season
  • If you choose to invest in them, max out liquid courage. It increases you attack rating with no change in the poison damage. I’m not a fan, but have considered trying them on again since I made this realization.