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  • I'd level up that 6* Iceman and Hulk Ragnarok.
    dans Rank up advice Commentaire de TheLegend27 25 sept.
  • Any of the Hulk squad.
  • Depends on how many sig stones you also have IMO. Some champs need the high sig level and are maybe not worth a generic if you can only have em at level 1 or low level (at that point might as well wait and see what happens with your luck). Science - CapIW only if you can get him super high as well. Void same deal. Skill -…
  • I've asked this before and I have to ask again: are you guys sure it's Knull? "HE RIDES!" Nightmare has a horse.
  • could just be that I hate her playstyle. I regret taking her up to R3. Never use her. Other additions in no particular order: Sasquatch, Colossus, Longshot, Venom the Duck, and Sentinel. Sentinel is just average, nothing special. Longshot? More like Longsh*t. Venom the Duck would be great if he wasn't 100% RNG…
  • That SP1 would be interesting if Guillotine's Life Siphon mechanic increased to like 50%-85% health regen while Pain Link debuff is active on the enemy. Otherwise, seems pretty impractical.
  • Arena was great for building up my roster when I was below uncollected. Grinding arena for the best 4* champs (for both offense and way back when I still participated in war) was actually a massive boost to my roster and allowed me to progress much faster. This was back when the 4* featured arena went for like…
  • Guillotine only because I have her awakened as a 6*. I'd be more excited for Thor Rags if I had him as a 6* and awakened.
  • Yea, you messed up. You were only supposed to buy 1 of each item.
  • They do have a use. Duplicates = iso and extra shards. Selling is a dumb move if you plan on playing for more than a little bit.
  • Even if October's event is amazing, that is no excuse for this current event (and an entire month) to be this awful.
  • The fact that this is the REVISED version of this objective shows Kabam is way out of touch with the playerbase. I don't even want to think about how ridiculous the original version of this objective would have been.
  • So Moon Knight needed to be a 6*R3 to achieve the power of some of my 3* champs. Incredible.
  • Hercules (while alive) also provides a 15% attack boost to hero champs under the effect of liquid courage's poison. Pretty nice for those of us who run suicides.
  • Used Ghost with Odin pre-fights, wasp, and ant-man - Ghost power gain while phased, unblockable specials, and a lot of extra damage via Odin and Ant-Man. Explored uncollected EQ. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to get the 100 KOs with special attacks. I'm not going to waste my time completing below the Cav level…
  • An OG Hulk buff would make me incredibly happy with the game. The green thing we have in game is not Hulk. There are so many things they could do with his kit. Just some things off the top of my head -Continuous regen which scales up the lower his health goes. -Base damage which scales up the lower his health goes (so his…
  • I want these hints to mean Knull as much as the rest of us, but are we sure these aren't hinting towards Nightmare? I mean his name is literally in the hint.
  • Can these solo objectives be made like previous solo events where we are awarded EXTRA points for performing a specific action? For example, if the objective was "Defeat 100 X* Champs" and doing that gave us 1 point. Then you have the added specification of "defeating an X* champ with a special attack grants 1 additional…
  • I'm partial to Dormammu. I have him at R3 and he is still a utility machine and has total control of a fight even though it may take him a bit longer to finish the fight. But Dragon Man, Claire, Sorc Supreme, or Symbiote Supreme are the best options there. Alternatively, you could wait to see what Guillotine's buff looks…
  • Omega Red? Not sure how this one will work if the Act 1 AI is super passive and dashing back most of the time. Wasp with the Fury and Ant-Man/Quake synergy. 3 guaranteed evades so 3 guaranteed shocks. High sig Magik - Limbo damage and also some Limbo heal maybe. Awakened Terrax? Similar problem to Omega - passive AI might…
  • I recently pulled him from the 6* featured and I was definitely not expecting him to hit has hard as he does. Great damage, some nice utility, great synergies, and really like his support mechanics. Just wish his heavy gave him an unstoppable when below 2 odinforce charges.
    dans A hot take on Odin Commentaire de TheLegend27 6 sept.
  • Not really. The only part of her kit that requires skill is knowing when you can successfully phase an enemy's special attack to go past the prowess limit for your special. And that isn't even necessary to still get really good damage.
  • And she's incredibly suicide-friendly since she takes 80% less damage while phased. Recoil damage is basically negligible if you throw specials while phased. She actually heals up from the suicide poison over the course of a fight (given you play well) if you have willpower. She's capable of that while unawakened, so her…
  • Think there's a clear distinction between early, mid, and late TB players. You're an early TB player, and IMO, there's little difference in roster between an early TB and a late Cav. It was relatively easy for me. My 6*R3 awakened Corvus did all the heavy lifting. I didn't really care about item use as I had to make use of…
  • And what's worse is they're now releasing Kitty Pryde...who not only counters True Focus but actually benefits from it. It's really dumb and I hate how they're going about this whole siutation.
    dans True Focus Commentaire de TheLegend27 1 sept.
  • Haven't opened yet. Need to see the totals of my T5CC after buying the glory store T5CC and the Shang-Chi T5CC rewards before claiming those SOP T5CC selectors. Once that's all set, I'll be opening 3 featured 6*. I'd be happy with Angela dupe, Hulk dupe, black panther 2x, Odin, Mangog, Black Widow 2x, and maybe even Joe…
  • same and I just boosted for the second chapter of the challenge lol. oh well
  • Good call. Autoplaying the first quest = extremely easy objective completion. Thanks.
  • 6* nexus between Agent venom (to sig 40), Airwalker (first time), Morningstar (awakening). I've already got a 5*R5 sig 200 Airwalker but I still picked him lol
  • Looks like you blocked right before the first unblockable strike? Can't really tell. I think the miss mechanic wouldn't have activated if that block was registered as a parry.