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  • He definitely needs to be able to power drain more than once. I've been saying that for a long time.
  • Out of about a dozen times that I've contacted support only once was helpful and it was a very easy solution. The rest of the time support was absolutely horrible. Very similar to your example. It's like 8 yr old kids are helping.
  • Yeah we got a little hosed going to tickets. It's actually going to be more expensive for me now. They shouldn't have taken away the gold to be certain. Not pleased at all about this change. I understand why they are making a change but Kabam should do better.
  • Yeah we got hosed on this. Let's raise the cost of AQ and take away the gold from it. I swear they never let an opportunity to mess up go to waste. We have to be the most forgiving people alive to keep playing.
  • Those alliance tickets are horrible. No matter how I look at the numbers AQ has become more expensive. I know you say it isn't that's why you took the gold away but your math sucks. Another bad move.
  • Still trying to figure him out too. Interesting utility. So far it seems he needs a decent sig level but not sure what that number is.
  • Hate fighting Nick Fury when he's on a stacked node. A mutant definitely helps but ugh.
    dans Perfect counter Commentaire de Whathappened juin 2020
  • I'll be honest. I noticed something odd with the power gain earlier. I was doing EQ and it seemed like opponents were gaining power faster than they should. Nothing on the node, I checked, it wasn't anything horrible but just seemed different. Not enough to start a thread and I didn't notice it everywhere either. I sort of…
  • Unfortunately it's true. I couldn't believe it myself the first time I heard it.
  • Depends on where you are with your 5* roster. If you only a few 5* now definitely don't go for the features. If you currently have a lot of 5* you won't be hurt either way. I personally have horrible luck with featured crystals. Good luck.
  • Venom. His utility and above average damage makes him awesome.
  • Yeah I didn't think I was bad at all. Once you learn there is always a class path, makes much easier. Not saying this is the best side event but far from the worst. I'm relatively happy with it. Really like you can save the cards up and do it when your best champs are free. Honestly this seems easier than some of the other…
  • I didn't think the side event was bad at all. Easier than most years, free energy, 500 5* shards a run. Wouldn't minded more 6* shards for each run but who wouldn't. Should be able to buy lots of resources when done. I'd say it's just an average event, not great but not bad either. Just my opinion though. Good luck…
  • 5* Electro. Not sure how much he'd get used. He has a couple neat synergies and would like something higher than a 4*
  • That sucks
  • I agree with OP. Seems like the window is a little larger than it should be. I won't attempt to punish a heavy on that node anymore. I don't remember having a problem in the past but maybe after getting tagged a while back I'm more cautious, still seems like it's lasting a touch longer. A half of a second or so
  • No reason we can't have a 5* Wolverine, he wouldn't be game breaking. He wouldn't be very useful for certain days of AQ and that's the reason we won't get him...my thoughts anyway. Doubtful he would be that useful for end game because the attack is so high. If you get hit there you're pretty much dead anyway, not to…
  • He's basically a little better Starlord when paired with Killmonger. Not sure if I'd r5 him but I have a duped 6* rank 1 that I'll use occasionally. By himself he's just okay.
    dans Winter soldier? Commentaire de Whathappened mai 2020
  • Human Torch without a doubt, not even close. Don't get me wrong Longshot is a really good champs but Torch is much better. All that said it depends on what you need. If you really need a good mystic you could do worse.
  • Not a fan of his design either. 16 per quest is ridiculous, should be per fight at the least or just remove the counter altogether. As is I'll never rank him up or use him and I have a duped 6*. Not sure what they were thinking.
  • I can understand why a newer player would like Killmonger over NF. Killmonger is still a great champ especially with synergies. Nick definitely has a higher risk reward playstyle which can frustrating for some people. To the OP if you are getting the job done with Killmonger and enjoy using him don't worry about it, KM is…
  • It was a pretty clever way for Kabam to make some money from 1 star crystals. I don't really feel bad for people that sold their Hulk but the people who progressed quickly definitely get shafted. It was a lot different when the game was new, you pretty much had to complete everything because you didn't get all the shards…
    dans Ode to 1* hulk Commentaire de Whathappened mai 2020
  • Great test. I wouldn't have believed it if someone didn't have the test results. It just doesn't feel that way. Of course we're more likely to remember the disappointment.
  • I get OP opinion. Lot's of the monthly EQ or wars don't really give Aegon a chance to shine. A faster ramp up champ might be preferable. That said I'd much rather use Aegon in Lol type content in a huge way, he's so much better after you get through the first fight it's not even
  • I've had around 40 straight trash 6*. Lol. Feel your pain. I rarely use any 6* because most of mine are junk. The good ones aren't duped but my really bad ones are like Diablo. I do have a duped Hulkbuster that might be good someday. I have a 6* Stealthy and duped WS that I use somewhat regularly. Good luck.
  • Void is an amazing champ. If I could have only one science it would be him. I've always disagreed with people that say he needs a really high sig, it's definitely better to have a higher sig but no necessary for him to do the work he was made to do. It's a huge jump from unduped to sig 1 but others are right you really…
  • Lot's of things need work in the game but a little thing that drives me nuts is having to select the star rating Everytime after a match in arena. I'm either using just 5* or 6* and if I want to run 6* I don't want to hunt for them so I select 6*. After the match it resets, should stay the same as last selected. We spend…
  • Highly doubtful that it's even odds to pull a buff. Seems weighted to me, always getting armor up or something not useful. One of the reasons I've never ranked him past 3. Use my 6* on occasion though
  • Absolutely it's different. Usually it's not that noticable between champs but some stand out like the before mentioned Sunspot and Namor seems off more to me than any others. Drives me nuts. Over time you'll adapt but still frustrating.