Multiple Bugs: Autofight Automatic? Nanosecond Recovery times? Specials in the middle of combos??

Is anyone else seeing this? It seems worse than ever now that I've updated to IOS11 - I don't know if this is related or not, there are a few in my alliance seeing similar glitches but some saw it prior to downloading the update.

I've so far I've really only seen the Autofight issue in arena - I've had to exit completely out of the game and come back in to fix it. Basically what happens is I enter a fight and my guy starts fighting on his own... the autofight button is off. Nothing I can do turns it off except exiting the game completely.

Nanosecond recovery - Noticing this everywhere in the game. If I parry/stun anyone its like everyone has maxed limbo - the recovery is almost instant. This bug could be related to my next one, I'm having to resort to fighting everyone like they are stun immune.

I'm getting hit in the middle of a simple combo (this one is more random - doesn't happen all the time): (Medium, Light, Light, Light, Medium) - Randomly in the middle of a combo the defender will break out of my combo and hit me with a special.. Joe Fixit did it to me this past AW - last I checked he wasn't spidey or NC.... I hit him 2 times and some sort of magic happened for him and he broke free of being hit and instantly hit me with an L1. Then the very next fight, I am fighting Thor on a buffed node - I have him 90% down, I have not taken ONE hit yet.... and after starting my combo - two hits in - magically he breaks free and hits me with an L2 - I'm dead. ONE Hit... There is no way to counter with a block or evade as the move is so instantaneous - and random.. (5/50 Voodoo)

The last one could be related to the second one - if they are recovering so fast that even a combo can't hold them in place...

Not looking for compensation here, just looking for fixes.. Would really like to get back to fighting champs instead of bugs.


  • Trying to farm some potions in rol today using hulk against juggernaut. Multiple times the stun from his l1 would randomly just end after like 2 hits vs what I normally would do which would be

    Mm mlllm l1 and chain

    I would say it happened at least 7 times in the fight. Something is definitely off there
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 122
    Ye, been going on 4 ages, kabam said they were looking for a fix in July but nothing yet :(
  • me too
  • Yeah I'm have every single one of those happen to me as well, driving me out of my mind, just losing for nothing and block only randomly responding, also I have to hit the special button up to 4 times to get it to activate. Please fellas don't do this to us. Often times getting my maxed out duped to the max Hulk taken out in 1 punch by a non-maxed 3 star unduped in War, so go figure. The other thing is the screen freezes while you're in a fight, it goes all jumpy and you can't see what's happening and of course you get whacked good and proper.
  • maxed out duped to the max 4 star Hulk, I meant to say
  • Still debating if I should send them a video of the auto fight bug. Even after they claimed to have fixed it months ago. It’s like I’ll be wasting my time sending the video because it’ll leave temporarily then comeback out of no where. The same for the specials being blocked again.
  • I had Quake do her sp3 while i was doing my sp2
  • @Luismarquez131 you probably got stunned and she stops special attacks when she stuns you with her after shock stuff.

  • @Luismarquez131 you probably got stunned and she stops special attacks when she stuns you with her after shock stuff.

    Oh okay, I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up
  • I just got done in aw twice by venoms s1 in the middle of a simple combo. Using wolvie.
  • Been almost a month... no response from kabam... lol... good to see they monitor this forum... what a joke.
  • @Kabam Miike man I said I would let you do your thing, but ya'll haven't released a compensation package. The game mechanics are horrible (parry, champs freeze and attack on their own, block damage is ridiculous, etc) Still no war fix. I hope you get this fixed, but I have started playing final fantasy 15 and have moved on. Original ownership and dev team created an awesome game, and the current is slowly killing this once amazing game.
  • same here this has started after the last damn (maintenance) they must learn to not mess with game mechanics ( parry - dex - block ..) maybe waste their time on making hard content this will make the game move further but now it's the opoosite
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