Several bugs noticed last couple weeks;

OG Vision 5* vs 6* Nebula in arena; Vision Special 1 & 2 having no power drain effect

Lab of Legends; Medusa 5* vs Hulkbuster, BPCW, and Civil Warrior. Opponents able to armor up even though armor shatter in effect.

Lab of Legends; Agent Venom passes incinerate timer to all champions even if you evade his attack.

Medusa and Blade 5* in Lab of Legends; since update it seems stringing combos from ml attacks to sp1 & 2 has a delay and allows the opponent extra time to block. Did Kabam adjust the frame rate on these champs as well?


  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 547
    Nebula can reduce AA of robots with spark charges. If she had some you likely failed power drain because of that. It's considered an Ability.
  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    She had 0
  • GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 103
    more bugs ...when will this end...
  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    Sentry 2-5* Heavy Attack; when Sentry stuns an opponent, after his first hit of heavy attack, opponent can recover before the second hit. If not using stun, they can not recover before second hit.
  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    Kingpin vs Karnak cpu 4* in arena; Kingpin is able to not take dmg from Karnak sp1 first elbow strike if he is attacking with an medium or light attack.
  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    Red Hulk feet miscoloredpqeuowkcgw8b.jpeg
  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    4* feature arena scrambled eggs.

  • YamJetYamJet Posts: 7
    After SP3 this box shows up over Special bars.

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