Venom's True Strike and Unblockable Specials do not work in AW

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@Kabam Miike

I brought my 4* Venom up the r5 after this resent buff for the True Strike ability. However, it hasn't been working correctly in AW against the mini bosses and the boss in my experience. I've fought autoblocking defenders on 48, 52 and 54. My alliance currently is Tier 8. We fluctuate between 8 - 10. We just finished an AW that had a MODOK as the boss on node 54. MODOK was at 7% health when I started the fight. Venom didn't activate neither True Strike nor Unblockable Specials. MODOK continued to Autoblock the entire fight until he died. On the mini boss nodes, True Strike doesn't activate until the mini boss is down to about 7% - 8% health. Can someone please look in to this please?


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    Must a be a problem where it waits till 18% of what started
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