Lag Spike

What causes “lag spike”?

Watching Dave’s video below at about the 13:20 mark, I recognized something that I thought up to now was a feature of DPX and DP specials: a frame rate drop as he flips through the air. Dave seemed taken aback by what he called “lag spike,” and shook it off.

I routinely get this “lag spike,” especially when it involves AI specials (the Deadpools in mid-air are just one example, and they tend to “lag spike” around 1 out of every 3 specials for me, although I experienced it practicing on Rhulk in LoL recently as well).

I have for a long time assumed it was just part of the animation to have the frame “jump ahead” a little, but after asking around I’ve found a lot of players who don’t have this same experience. I run a 7+ on the most current iOS version and play via multi band WiFi with full connection bars—usually same room or just a room away. Internet is standard US ISP high capacity home/office bandwidth.

Any insight on this? Am I the only one (other than Dave) to experience this? Any suggestions for a remedy?

Dr. Zola

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