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Somewhat of a brag post but I have to say it. Venom is basically the spider version of Blade. Ancient Knowledge debuffing my attack, Sp1 just devouring the precision and cruelty node buffs… I was super tanky, bleeding hard, critting fast, and that Sp2 animation is a blast to watch



  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    He is so packed with utility now, from nullifying buffs to counter Medusa & The Champion, to Armor Breaks to counter Emma Frost & Killmonger, to True Strike that counters IMIW... & of couse the ultimate Spider-Man counter.

    Next month, Darkhawk enters the contest, who in the comics... has a long history with Venom. Maybe we'll see a synergy there that makes him even better.

    DO NOT forget that he comes with a slick black glossy finish and some impressive bleed damage. The Sp1 makes him almost as good for Medusa as Loki.

    Self synergy 4% is a neat little bonus especially after the Klyntar buff era stacked on top of that. But damn a new unique synergy would be icing.
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    Imagine if youre venom was r5 dupe max sig
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    Strikerrx8 wrote: »
    Imagine if youre venom was r5 dupe max sig

    Level 35 r3 and I found out that venom + Miles gives your whole team 18% attack boost from 3 nemesis synergy!

    But with Loki you steal all the fury and it’s also safe. Plus you getta launc that fury back every time.

    And usually I prefer to get at least 1 Crit rage boost before I start “lashing out” and skipping a mutation but with those buffs and the ancient knowledge holding him back I wanted to kill not play around
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