Prizes For "Team Rating" !!? make it worthy

Player1994Player1994 Posts: 515
edited December 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
One of the things i always thought about something that this game really need imo is a system that rewards those players who had took time and efforts to build their rosters ..
i see players who reach 1million rating and not getting anything for it is kinda sad ! i'm not asking to give peoples crazy rewards and if kabam thinks soo must be a cool addition to the game ( some ideas ):

New Sumonner : 1phc
50k Sumonner : 4* Hero Crystal
100k Sumonner : 1 Tier4 basic
250K Sumonner : 1 Tier4 Class catalyst
500K Sumonner : 5* Hero crystal
750k Sumonner : 1 T2 Alpha Catalyst
1Mil Sumonner : +1 Mastery point 60 !

2Million rating summoner 7* start lord :smiley: just kidding lol
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