My two cents on how to fix War Machine

The current War Machine in MCOC is next to useless, except in very certain circumstances. I recognize that there are probably, better ideas out there, but as the title suggests, here are my two cents on how to make War Machine better.

Keep War Machine's base stats the same as they are right now. Have a persistence charge mechanic, and have him start with 50-100 charges. at the start of a fight, War Machine consumes 1 charge and gains 4-6 fury and armour up buff, increasing damage dealt by a variable amount, and decreasing damage taken by a variable percentage. Each hit given takes away one fury buff, and each hit taken takes away one armour up buff. If War Machine runs out of either the fury or armour up buff, the suit will automatically consume one persistence charge, and after an undecided amount of time, the buffs are restored to their to their original amount(for argument's sake, let's say 6 of each). The buffs can also be restored by dashing back and holding block for an undetermined amount of time.

The heavy attack would become a shot from War Machine's shoulder cannon and would inflict an armour break and/or a concussion debuff in the opponent, decreasing the armour rating and ability accuracy by a variable percentage. (maybe armour shattered if armour breaks stack too high)

SP1 stays the way it is

SP2 can either change or stay the way it is(does not really matter to me)

SP3 can still have the same animation, but will now inflict Armour shattered, similar to Medusa's, on top of all the other debuffs it may produce (I don't remember if he inflicts any off the top of my head).

Sig. Ability now consumes all remaining persistence charges and converts them to power once Warmachine drops below 15% health. during this process, the War Machine suit activates defensive systems and auto-blocks all incoming attacks.


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