AQ Map 5 BG2 Doubled charged


So did anyone else get charged double in a BG?


  • BrainimpacterBrainimpacter Posts: 578 ★★★
    Bg2 has cost double to what BG1 and Bg3 for ages now.
  • It has always been like this. Add them up, and go look at the total cost for running 3 BGs of Map 5. It's right on the money. They started this back when they started offering individual Maps per BG. Apparently you never noticed it until now is all.
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    like they say in the information thread about aq.
    maps 1-6 are a 25/50/25 split.
    total cost is 450000
    1st bg costs 112500
    2nd bg costs 225000
    3rd bg costs 112500

    it has been like this ever since they made the ability to select different bgs.

    i guess this is your first time starting aq?
    i guess noone else in your alliance could have told you this either?
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