Maybe this is for the better

So, with the change in war scheduling, I and a many of my alliance team members won’t be able to do do war anymore. Each war has started close to 9am my time (we use to start/end at 7pm or so), meaning I’ll be at work till 5pm, and be asleep for the majority of the end of war. So yeah no go there.

Then there’s changes in dungeons. Now, refresh timers are incredibly long. Generally, I do random matchups since most of my alliance doesn’t care for dungeons. So, as my luck has it I’ll likely join a fight with someone that doesn’t care and will cause a loss of my good champs one way or another.

At first I was irritated by all of this, but as I have suggested and seen suggested, just don’t do it if you can’t. You don’t need to do everything the game has to offer to have fun. Sure, it’ll slow progression a bit, but it will decrease stress over all, and overall amount of time spent playing.

The saving grace is the monthly EQ and bonus events that I can complete without issue.

So, as the title says, maybe this is for the better. Anyone else have a different point of view or see this as a change for the best?


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