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First War T22, 0WR, 1Mil Ally, 5 Members, ADVANCED MAP?? WTF???

MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
I just recently started a second baby ally and have yet to make it grow.
we are only 1 milion wiht 5 memebers.
half that rating is just one member. the rest are small accounts.
We are litterally doing our first 1 BG war.
and we get matched on the higher map???

We are t22. we are 0 WR but are opponent is atlest t12 or higher.....

like seriously WTF?

i mean we dont care and we get rewards win or loss but how does this even happen?


  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★

  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    thought this might atleast get a laugh from the community.

    this shows just how broken matchmaking is atm.
    as i said i dont care cus this is a useless baby ally atm, and we will still get points regardless.
    but how on earth does this happen?
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    edited March 2019
    ok so it seems maybe the matchmaking algorithm is more advanced than we thought.
    it seems amybe these mis-matches are actually alot more fair than we thought.

    maybe it is considering
    WR, AR, # of members,

    We may have a difference of almost 1300 WR but,
    they are a small non-active ally.
    we placed only 3 peoples defenders,
    they placed only 5 peoples defenders.
    we are 1 million,
    they are 900k,

    looks fairly even though.
    they have the upper hand but not by much TBH
    they have for example. 100k base rating, but atleast his 4 top champs are all 4/55

    we have only 1 player with a 4/55
    and only 5 peeps total.

    but it seems that there are many many things considered in an effort to make war matches fair.
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