Two alliances recruiting

We recruit for two sisters alliances. One competitive and the other chill but active.

For competitive alliance (9 mil ally) line is required. Donations min change per week. Maps 3,4,5 every AQ. 2bg every war.
Alliance tag is [SuZeJ].
(Doctor of taming strange)

For the chill alliance there are no donation. No line required. Map 2 or 3 on AQ. Alliance tag is [Dibš].
(Dawn of iron bladed soldiers)

If you join the competitive one and won't play, you will be transferred to the chilled alliance. If you join the chilled and want to move up to the competitive in the future, you can. If you're interested in one of those, please contact me.

in game name: thgttg
Line: thgttgx
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