Tips for Beating KP in Fury event

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Far more people seem to be having problems with this fight then I would have anticpated, so here's a few tips

1. With heavy damage increase, anyone is a viable choice for this fight, just use whoever has the most health

2. Make it easy on yourself and eat the block damage, and get him to throw a heavy. I prefer to do full combos out of this to build his power bar

3. Bait the sp 1, and immediately dash all the way to the left side of the screen (prior to his first step forward). Hold heavy attack and launch after he whiffs the swing. Pictures below.

4. Personal preference here, but i find it best to save for sp3s, kps sp 1 takes up some distance, and you can get cornered. Sp3 yourself to safety.

With a 2/35 symbiote spiderman, master difficulty. Notice the 13k crit damage on the heavy.


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