Google Play Achievements - I stopped getting them

When I first started playing MCOC I used a Kabam account because signing in with Google Play required a Google+ profile and I didn't have (or want) one. With the last update, this was fixed so I could sign-in with Google Play.

But the Google Play Achievements don't work for me. I have 3 achievements for assembling a team, but many achievements I'd earned earlier (like completing Act 1, completing any quest 100%, etc) haven't triggered. And achievements I've definitely made since the update also aren't triggering.

I'm not even sure if this is an issue with the Android build of MCOC or something on Google's end. But the achievements do seem to work in other games.



  • I have the same issue.
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  • Welp, it's 8/30/17 and still no achievements in Google Play for MCOC. I probably have 5-10 that I should have earned.
    I'm definitely not the only one having this issue, not just based on the comments. See this reddit thread:

    where someone else reports the issue. Now supposedly I'm supposed to open a support ticket with MCOC to try and address the issue. But this thread over on the Google Play Help Forum shows how useless that could be:!topic/play/c5ePHVgSzHQ

    because the poor dude who asked Google for help just gets the run-around where they say "Contact the app developer!". I suspect Kabam is too busy working on the next event and other work to address it, though perhaps when 15.0 is released it'll be fixed?

    If anyone else is having this issue, please post a comment here! I'll see if I can get this some raised awareness.
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    I'm level 53 and it says I've completed 98% of 'Reach summoner level 50' haha.
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    i haven't received achievements for mcoc for ages, at some point a long time ago, it stopped working
  • I opened a support ticket with Kabam for this issue yesterday (9/9/17), and they suggested mostly the usual bit of clearing the app cache, uninstalling updates, etc. I did that both for MCOC itself as well as the Play Games app. None of that worked.
    Kabam came back and told me the issue is not actually with them (surprise!) but with Google Play. This, of course, is known as passing the buck. :/

    I'm poking around the Google contact support page, but it's pretty clear there's an actual real issue here, it cropped up around June but it doesn't impact everyone. I think it's more likely to be an issue with MCOC then with Google, but I don't rule out the possibility there's bugs, server issues or other problems on Google's side.

    Let's keep adding to this thread to document the problem.
  • Screenshots proving Play Games achievements not unlocking, but should be for me.



  • I don't have the achievement for get a 2*. Not kidding.
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    it stopped working for me a while ago. then i made a new account and it started working again. but now i'm so used to not logging in my google play account that i don't even log in for achievements anymore...
  • I talked to Google's Play support today, and the guy said they can't possibly tell what the issue is because they don't have access to the game's databases, logs, or systems. And he asked if other games were unlocking achievements for me, they are. I got one just yesterday for a different game!

    Everyone who has this issue, here's what to do:
    1. Launch the game. Make sure you're logged in with your Google Play account
    2. Tap the gear icon in the upper left from the Home screen of MCOC
    3. Look for the green button that says "SUPPORT" and tap on it
    4. You'll get a webpage listing Alerts and asking what you need help with. Scroll until you find "I want to report a bug or technical issue". Tap on that.
    5. Tap on "Other bug/technical issue"
    6. Tap on "Bugs and Known Issues". Scroll down to the bottom and click on the "I need more help" link (it's a yellow bar)
    7. Fill out the form with the issue you're having (Achievements not unlocking) and briefly describe it. I'd recommend saying how long you've had the issue too. Make sure to put in your e-mail address as well! Then tap submit

    You should get an e-mail about your case pretty quick. I got quick response times on mine, but ultimately didn't get anything solved. If your ticket gets closed without being resolved, wait a day or so and open another one. Reference all the old tickets you've opened too!

    It's a lot of work but it's ridiculous Kabam is trying to pass the blame onto Google. They need to fix it or at least SAY they know about it and are working on it!

  • Just a final update on this, even with the newest patches I still don't get any of my achievements. And based on what I've heard from Kabam support, may never happen.

    I had a ticket open with them for about 2 weeks back in late September where we went back-and-forth, they finally admitted that if you've already met a goal for an achievement (like reaching level 20) and weren't logged into Google Play, you won't get the achievement even if you later login to the game with Google Play.

    I'm not entirely convinced of this though, because I was definitely logged into Google Play for MCOC when I hit level 40 and still didn't get the achievement. But based on what went on with them and what I've heard from Google, this isn't anything other than an issue on Kabam's side they just don't want to bother with. Probably because it's a lot of work to figure out and fix and doesn't give them any money, :(
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    I am at 32/36 for MCOC. There isn't any new achievement added for a long time.

    I am doubtful the problem lies solely with one Company but I am leaning more to game developer being at "fault". They need to inform Google the many new things added (e.g. Act 4, etc).

    Then, over to Google to update achievement list.

    At least, I know when I started this game using Google Play.

    The 4 which is not registered as completed.
    I have yet to be a Legend though.

  • Google told me they reported Kabam as an inappropriate developer and said they need to resolve this issue with the utmost urgency or they don't be able to offer them their platform to distribute their games. They weren't happy when I sent them screenshots of kabam saying they couldn't do anything because it was Google's fault. Needless to say I've sent soooo many screenshots to show which achievements weren't unlocking and prove which ones i should have. I've been in constant contact with Google and they said that kabam can manually release to them which achievements if they've been shown proof and to let them know if I have done that and to send them screenshots proving I've sent kabam the proof and if within x amount of days if they're still not unlocked for me that they will directly deal with kabam. It's a big deal because it affects gameplay. It gives u experience to level u up and I've earn thousands I've yet to receive. I'm a 37 rank summoner, I'd be in my mid 40s if i got all my achievements.
  • It is solely kabam fault, don't let them lie to you.
  • I'm not illiterate, autocorrect on my phone changes my words to make me sound uneducated.
  • can get achievements in this game? O_o
    Dang how long has this thing not been working for?!
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