16mil alliance recruiting skilled, yet down-to-earth player

One of our long-time members needs to step out because it has become too time demanding to run a second account. We will have an opening as soon as SA rewards drop.

We are a friendly, fairly relaxed group of working adults who enjoy playing the game without undue stress and time demands, all while remaining competitive enough to enjoy some nice rewards.
  • Last season we scored Gold 2 after a few very close, unfortunate wars. The season prior to that we scored Gold 1. We will push for Gold 1 again next season.
  • We do a variety of AQ Maps that allow us to reach 80mil weekly. Donations are completely optional.
  • No event minimums or grinding required.
  • Must be able to log in several times a day to clear your line.
  • Must have at least several 4/55s (more than half of us have at least one 5/65) and be skilled enough to clear your line in tier 6-7 AW.
  • We are an international alliance and are willing to work with multiple time zones.
  • Must have line app.

If interested, please send me a message on line: sillycaitlin
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