7200 prestige player, looking to relax with some map 5

Just looking to relax running map 5 (preferably still reaching high AQ rewards) don’t mind if you’ve got other bgs running map 6, but I don’t want to run it myself at this point in time.
I’ve got:
2 - 5/65s
6 - 6*s
5 - 4/55s
Have the resources for more high level rank ups, just waiting on the next featured 5*.
Experience upto tier 4 AW, mostly ran path 9 - not perfectly but got the job done with an average of 0-1 deaths - and back up.
Drop a little info about your alliance below if interested along with a contact on line and I’ll get back to those that sound appealing.


  • alkolikaalkolika Posts: 12
    Hi there. We are aq 5x5 ally, lookin for few players after some departures because of the real life reasons.
    My line id: alkolikatr
    The ally tag is: adT37

    Only event requirement is 15k per player for the completion event. Donations are minimum.
  • ABBAcadabraABBAcadabra Posts: 55
    Whats ur LINE?
  • Yohanbark420Yohanbark420 Posts: 92
    Add me yohanbark in line
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,416 ★★★★★
    Please post a little about your alliance, I’ll check back in the morning where if necessary I’ll drop my line ID, just don’t wanna drop it now and have my phone going off all night.
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 504
    We don't meet any of your requirements but we are recruiting for a bg we lost. Only running map 4 until we are full but . . . we are social and fun! And been together a long time. My name in game and on line is DaBills :)
  • Fab420Fab420 Posts: 12
    edited April 2019
    We currently run 1 to 2 map6 bgs once or twice a week with one bg running map 5 all week. When running alll bgs at map5 we place in the 750 range we are an adult, laid back amd fun alliance. Our only requirements are aq and aw activity. Mostly American players with several over seas players. Our current war ratimg is awful compared to our norm due to a string of bad beats and inactive players we are currently replacing. My in game name is fab420, same line id. Hit me up if ur interested or have any questions
  • BDVMBDVM Posts: 67

    Our ally is competitive Gold 1 2000+ and we run 5x5 AQ placing in the 500-800 rank. We are currently looking for members with 8k prestige that match our laid back, yet committed chemistry that we work hard at maintaining. If you are going to have an additional rank up that will get your prestige closer to 8k, we may make an exception for someone who is a good match chemistry wise. Shoot me a msg to chat about it if that interests you.

    Line: BDVM.brah
    Game: BDVM
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 244
    We run 55444 x3. No donations. AW tier 8-10, gold 2 shooting for gold 1.No donations, no drama, very active but relaxed. SA 400-500+, I am an organized active leader, great group of veteran players. Come relax with us for a bit, or long term. Line ID onky707. Alliance tag is 3DIRT ( the dirty 30)
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 133
    We are 15m alliance with high skilled players, we are at Gold1 #700 and we are looking to be in platinum. We do 5x5 and score 142m milestones.

    PM me using in-game chat if interested, I need one player. We use Discord for communication.

  • ChrisOczChrisOcz Posts: 53
    Hey bud! We ran 5*5 and are consistently placing below 750 in rankings. We do tier 5 in AW but are relaxed about it during offseason. We’ve been in Gold 1 for consecutive seasons. We are a chill alliance, no minimums. No gold donations needed just loyalty. Hit me up ingame or line: ChrisOcz
  • verge_121verge_121 Posts: 82
    Hi! I am currently recruiting for both a G1 and g2 alliance. Both alliances have map 5 options. HMU on line: verge121
  • Mech271Mech271 Posts: 2
    Hey, man. We’re a 5x5 alliance, tier 6 in war. Should be holding down Gold 1 rewards next season. We’re looking for an active player to replace a little deadweight. Donations are 120k gold, 6.5k BC, and 8k loyalty. May be lowering that soon.

    Alliance: [228]
    My line ID: Mech271

    Would love to chat. Cheers.
  • TrooperJoeTrooperJoe Posts: 170
    Line: trooperjoe
    Gold 1

  • Mikeg12790Mikeg12790 Posts: 71
    5x5 gold 2 hoping to be gold 1 could use a heavy hitter. Minimum donations and no event minimums.

    Line ID: mikeg12790
  • Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 621 ★★
    5x5 Gold 1 tier 6 war
    Around rank 1000 AQ
    Add me on Line: Goken23
    Hi @Mr_Platypus, my IGN is PEW PEW BOOM and line is pewboom001. We Run AQ Map 4x5 and some Map 5 on the first or second day and usually hit 80mil milestone. Last war we are in gold 3. We just need you to be active and do join us
  • NLV88NLV88 Posts: 59
    Hey platypus we run map 5 daily my man. We hit ranked rewards in most alliance events

    Check us out! My line ID is NLV88
  • Tomr4586Tomr4586 Posts: 12
    We run 5x5 score 150m milestone every week we had to kick a few members that cost use gold 1 we got bumped to gold2 rank11 those guys have be replaced geneticjackhammer1 is line id if you like to chat more
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