Known Issues [Current Version 23.0]

Here is a list of Known Issues and items that we are currently investigating:

- Champions with Whip/Tentacle like attacks are not making contact with part of the their Attacks (Carnage’s Sp1, Ghost Rider’s Sp1, Medusa’s attacks that use her Hair, etc.)
- Domino’s Heavy Attack Incinerate damage from Synergy with Red Hulk is not doing as much damage as it was previously.
- Yondu’s non-Yaka Arrow basic attacks are being treated as Projectiles, and cannot be Parry-Stunned.
- Emma Frost’s PI has jumped significantly
- Double Edge’s Values in game are incorrect (FIXED)
- Some Champions are invulnerable longer than intended after their Special Attacks (Loki after Sp1, X-23 after Sp2)
- Sentinel is reacting too quickly after Sp1

Please note, we may not have reproduction steps on all of the above just yet, and this list may change as we get more information. We will add more to this lift if additional bugs are reproduced, and are not including Performance Issues.

Additionally, we are currently working on a Hotfix Release to address as many of these as possible.
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  • As it looks like 23.0 is starting to roll out to everybody now, we wanted to make sure you're aware of 2 Known issues in this version:

    - There is currently an issue affecting v23.0 where Summoners are unable to use Rank Up gems on their Champions. This will be addressed in 23.0.1, which will be coming in the next couple of days.
    - There is currently an issue with Solo Objectives where if you have multiple completed Objectives, claiming one of them will award you with all of the rewards for the other completed Objectives. You’ll still need to “claim” the others in order to move on to the next Objective in the Chain, but will not receive double rewards for them.
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