Gold 2 alliance looking for 1 player/ AQ- 55555/ War 3 times a week

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The name all of our alliance is the Marauders and I am the alliance leader. I have six officers and two of them run two accounts in the alliance so it might appear that I have eight officers when you look at our membership roster. There are two officers in every battle group. We run map 5 all week and we complete it everyday. We go to War 3 times a week during the war season and everyone in the alliance uses line. We are looking for a player that is active and communicates well with their teammates. We have assigned paths in the AQ and the war. Everyone participates in the 3-day alliance events and we hit the max peak milestone reward consistently. We don't have point minimums towards the three-day alliance events but we do expect every player to put in some points towards all the 3-day alliance events. The rewards in this alliance are great. This alliance is actually one of the oldest in the game as I created it minutes after alliances were introduced into mcoc. Most of the players in our group have been here for years. We have a great group of players and we encourage practice and teamwork. When we win we win as a team and when we lose we lose as a team. Treasury donations are 90,000 gold, 2,000 battle chips and 7,000 loyalty. the donations are a little higher than other alliances because between War seasons we do map 6 for fun and experience. My IGN and line ID is pedro1328. Hit me up if you're interested. 🤙


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