Looking for that 1 player

Hey everyone. We are looking for 1 player to join us for a full roster.

We are gold 3 and do map 4 so no donations needed.

It doesn't matter what level you are or if you uncollected. Just have players for war and quest.

We ask that your active as you can be but we wont kick you for having a life outside the game. We are relaxed and like a second family.

Anyone in a silver ally wanting to push a little more or want better rewards to grow then come join us. If your a semi pro or pro looking to slow down and use your experience to help a growing alliance then pop over.

Add me on line or in game at connor892 and we can chat.

As long as you can hold your own in war and quest then we would love to have you in our ally.

Come join our family.

If you are an experienced player who can help other and love the game. There is a chance for you to become an officer.

Ally tag EFTD come check us out.

Get in touch!!
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