Champ buff

So first off, we have to consider the champs kabam has limited us to choose from (correct me if I'm wrong)...

Kamala khan
Old man Logan
Howard the Mech/Duck

Now we have to look at each featured class... The first three champs on my list are cosmic, the second three are mutant, and the last three are tech...

As far as good cosmics go, the class itself has Hyperion, Corvus, medusa, and proxima. Mutants have Omega Red, frost, iceman, sinister and Havok. Tech have IWIM, and Sparky...

So based off those givens, I think that although I personally would like Colossus buffed, it would only be fair to buff a tech champ... Between the two (Iron Patriot and Howard the duck) I'd say iron Patriot would probably be the more interesting option... What are you're thoughts?


  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 1,700 ★★★
    Howard the Duck sounds are annoying to listen too.
    Iron Patriot is better than Colossus.
  • Datman257Datman257 Posts: 92
    Hulkbuster needs the buff more than iron patriot. IP atleast has regen, stun, armor up and armor break. Hulkbuster on the other hand.... Nothing but armor up and armor break. No immunities like colossus or kamala Khan. Like legit he has nothing. Why is he not even in the poll? It just baffles me.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 1,700 ★★★
    @Datman257 IP's sig ability is a debuff.
    But I agree, they both need it
  • DkutctghDkutctgh Posts: 193
    I want iron patriot just because of synergy reason
  • TwmRTwmR Posts: 507 ★★★
    You can't say tech only has imiw and sparky, what about ghost and sentinel. Also dark hawk is supposed to be a great champ don't have him myself so not really sure.
    I'm gonna vote groot purely because I love gotg
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