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Crystal Shard Bundles - 13/5/19

winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,601 ★★★★

4,700 units for
20k 5* hero crystal shards
2.5k 6* hero crystal shards
1x champion boost
4x greater champion boost
7 T1A
500k Gold

Not uncollected
5,150 units for
11.5k 5* hero crystal shards
4k 4* hero crystal shards
1x ultimate crystal
1x legendary crystal

Without RNG, the uncollected version looks good, though I feel it is still inferior to the recent 5* Vision offer (which included a rank 2->3 gem and without Uncollected restriction). Maybe, it can be improved by reducing the RNG to selection of specific class.

This is giving me a little push to try for uncollected. Started playing with 5.2.4 today :) but was ambushed by YJ on path A. :(
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