MODOK was Nerfed and no one seems to care

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Ok, I understand that MODOK isn't everyone's favorite offensive champ, but I'm still surprised that more people aren't concerned about his unannounced NERF in the latest update. Details can be found here:

The short version is that MODOK has a guaranteed Crit on every 7th hit (5th hit with the Ultron Synergy). There is an additional line of description that states If a Special or Heavy Attack is the 7th hit, then all hit events for that attack are Critical.

For some odd reason, this function stopped working a few months ago and was reported on April 24th. A fix was pushed on May 1st (7 days later) and he was back to normal.

Fast forward to the June update and suddenly he's broken again. Not only is he not behaving how he should, but the additional line of text that can be found in his champion spotlight is now completely gone from his description. They say they are looking into it, but that was 6 days ago. It shouldn't take long to fix an issue that was broken and quickly fixed in the past.

MODOK lost a LOT of his damage potential with this unannounced change. My question is this...why aren't more people concerned about this unannounced change?


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    thanks for bringing it up.......
  • This is a bug, and is obviously not a Nerf. As you stated yourself, we have stated that we are working on it.

    Additionally, just because two bugs have the same outcome, it does not mean that they are the same Bug and can be fixed the same way. Two crashes might look the same on the user's end, but are caused by two completely different things.

    This will take longer, and will require a new update for the fix to be released.
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