Enhanced Fury isn't increasing the damage of passive furies.

Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy S10

Device Operating System: Android Version 9

Mobile Carrier: Verizon

Cellular or WiFi: Both

Game Version Installed: 23.1.1

Game Mode: All game modes, Quest, AQ/AW, Arena, etc.

Champions Affected: Thing 5* rank 4 sig lvl 10. also seems to affect other champs with passive fury. Here is a post about it not working with Sabertooth

Active Boosts: None

Description of the Issue: Enhanced fury isn't increasing the potency of Thing's furies.

The mastery was suggested in Thing's Champion Spotlight so I tried it to see what the difference was.

Thing's damage, with 60 stacks of fury is the same with or without the Enhanced Fury Mastery. I've tried it multiple times against RoL Winter Soldier and RoL Captain Marvel at rank 3, 6% increase, and rank 4, 8% increase, and there is no increase in damage. I'm assuming it's not registering the furies since they are passive.

I've submitted this before and didn't get a response, I'm assuming it's because I forgot to use the correct format.


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    Its not supposed to enhance passive furys from what's been said before on here. Only active fury buffs.

    Do you have a source on that? Not doubting you but enhanced fury is a suggested mastery in his champion spotlight. It says, "Thing can easily generate lots of Fury effects by removing Rock Stacks. The Enhanced Fury mastery will increase the strength of these effects across the board.", he only generates passive furies so it should be working. It's also suggested in Sabertooth's spotlight.
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