5* Sentinel worthy of a tech gem?

I have no other techs worthy of it, and the only other champs id use it on are Ghost and maybe Darkhawk. May also run suicides in the future.

5* Sentinel worthy of a tech gem? 60 votes

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  • TerraTerra Posts: 3,287 ★★★★★
    If you have a decent amount of sigs, go for it. He's a very underrated attacker and his defensive properties in war def is also good.
  • Alex_sc11Alex_sc11 Posts: 168
    His sig will make your charges go up faster when the enemy uses the same special

    However it’s not needed since you can gain charges by Doing a couple of M-l-l-l againts the opponents block

    I wouldn’t use an awakening gem unless I have 2 or 3 of them.

  • Scrubkiller_1Scrubkiller_1 Posts: 104
    Well ik its not useless and ik u can get 12 analysis per mlll combo... was just wondering if the awakened ability would really help to ramp him up a lot faster.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,053 ★★★★
    I'm just fine with a 6* unawekened. His sig might play a lot if you can't hit in a block, like vs red skull and... some silly node I don't remember. Otherwise if you first stack charges hitting in block, with most not cosmic champs they get to their first special only by the time you already have 80 charges. So if you're ok with block hits, save it. If you prefer to play him as any other champ, might want to aweken him. If he's r5, might do it just for prestige
    He’s great unawakened so save it on someone who needs it more
  • phil56201phil56201 Posts: 563 ★★★
    I did. Helps greatly with attack and has the added benefit of being a 1 point wonder sig ability. Dont need any more points for his analysis charges to scale, as that's a static number. It's his resistance to power drain that scales, and I dont care about that ability.
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,238 ★★★★

    Seems like it would be a waste
    Better champs to potentially use it on

    Better champs? Sure if you can ever land them in your time playing the game
    Waste? Most definitely not sir
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 9,005 ★★★★★
    Terra said:

    If you have a decent amount of sigs, go for it. He's a very underrated attacker and his defensive properties in war def is also good.

    He gets basically nothing from sigs, on iffence 1 is basically the same as 200
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