Looking for an alliance

Hey, I’m looking for an alliance that consistently runs 4x4x4 in AQ. Looking for an Alliance that is AQ focused and doesn’t do war.


  • BrazenhutBrazenhut Posts: 129
    We do map 5x5 in one BG and map4 in the other. 2 BG AW. We hit 50-60mil milestone in AQ. If interested, join our discord server. The invite is https://discord.gg/xS4Ee7K
    My IGN is same as here.
  • Supergiant11Supergiant11 Posts: 22
    We are looking for a player for a 4x5 bg. AW is optional here as well. My ingame name is BØØM§TICK or look for alliance called Elk Grøve Jefes. Line iD is deadbydawn3000 add me there. Line is required to be in our ally
  • 4Thisnamed_site4Thisnamed_site Posts: 340
    We do 4 Map A Quests. What is your in game name? I’ll send you an invitation. Or look 👀 us up: Free To Play

    We are recruiting for replacements because In our Alliance, A Quest is mandatory & they are being removed for not being team players.
    We do map 5 and 4 quest. We do war but not as mandatory as aq. PM me if interested on line: pewboom001 or IGN PEW PEW BOOM
  • Hey I need 1 for my map 4 bg

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