Champion Balancing

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Two champions were recently announced to be slightly buffed. Annihilis and Human Torch. Ironically Lagacy just put out a video about how God Tier HT is. Annihilis has proven to be ok, no where near as noodley as Ebony Maw.

Why not bring say 30-40% of the champs into alignment in regards to base damage and specials, rather than some even being borderline unusable against “Thanos Army” in Arenas. My unduped IF cant handle it, they just go to a SP3 and I’m great at baiting specials.

Here are some simple ideas, doesn’t need to be crazy... just for the love of god being able to survive Thanos Army in The 5* Arena...

1. Add 20% base attack to near worthless champs like IF, Hulkbuster,Cyclops and Magneto.
2. Fix 2015-16 bleed damage or DOT in general. Blade can Parry and cause nearly as much bleed damage as Magneto utilizing his SP2. Its complete nonsense.
3. Fix armor break from 2015-16 champs. It’s useless for damage output. Again. No game breaking expectations. 10-20% additional damage output.
4. Why should Proxima need to build to 100 hits to use the same damage output as Cull or Corvus? 75 hits? Something reasonable. Her health pool is tiny.
5. We have a gnarly amount of spider men. 2 are useful. The rest are great to get true strike on Corvus in AW or questing. Maybe add passives? Anything.
6. Storm’s special damage and the boost from her sig is incredibly weak. Same with Gambit, who many are pulling from the featured crystal, and could use a buff simply to his prowess.

None of this breaks the game. It would make my existing roster more exciting to develop. It would be generous on Kabam’s part and would in turn make me more generous to open my wallet. Shehulks, Carnage and Venoms buffs were great, wasn’t too much or too little and pretty basic. Not remotely game breaking and a sign of player appreciation. Can we see more? And at a faster pace? Waiting for two worthless champs to be buffed every 6 months is rather unfortunate. Giving me 6 2015 mutant/mystic gems wasn’t inspiring either. 😂
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