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MCOC Question

Is anyone experiencing a lot of lag and having them game randomly close out multiple times. I know it is my internet connection as other internet items are working fine with no interruptions or random closing out.


  • I've yet to experience a game crash @BowTieJohn since the update . What device are you using? Newer, older? Android or iOS? Strangely enough, I've heard iOS users in my Alliance experiencing more issues than Android users (I have a S9+ and it runs just fine). There's a chance if you're using an older device the RAM needed is exceeding what's available. Make sure you don't have other apps pulling down on your processor and your RAM in the background. Limit which apps can pull at your connection in the background.

    For example, Facebook and other social media apps default to run in the background to constantly send you notifications of updates, messages, etc. Put those to sleep if possible. Also, if running an older device, if possible, dial back your screen resolution to 720p to help increase game performance. System resources are fairly limited on mobile devices and this game seems to require a fair amount.

    As the game gets more complex, the strain on your system resources increases. So opening them up helps smooth out the game play. Also, regular device maintenance makes a big difference in game performance. Hope this helps. If not, there might be other issues at hand. Best to cover all the bases at your end 1st before assuming the game is to blame. Which, it could be.
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    @SiriusBreak I will definitely double check these things. I have an iOS, iPhone 6s. I know old, but hoping to get a new one this year or next.
  • @SiriusBreak I will definitely double check these things. I have an iOS, iPhone 6s. I know old, but hoping to get a new one this year or next.

    Yeah... even the iPhone 7 and 8 have been experiencing laggy behavior and excessive glitches as of late according to my Alliance mates that use them. Older the device, the more wonky the game gets unfortunately. Hopefully in the meantime, doing those little things may help smooth things out. Once you do upgrade, the difference in how the game looks and plays will be night and day.
  • Hey @BowTieJohn!

    Can you head over to this thread: iOS? We have a template there that can be filled out and posted that will super help us out in investigating what might be going on with your device! Thank you in advance for when you do.
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