Sanctum of War [SoWx]

Sanctum of War is a new alliance created in July 2019. The alliance fits into a casual, but semi-active routine. We do not require a specific hero rating, minimum champion star level, or a direct line to join. We do require active participation in alliance quests and wars. We accept new and veteran players. If you are interested and can meet the minimum requirements below, please send in an application. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to this thread.

Recruitment Officer
ROLE: Responsible for accepting pending applications to join alliance that meet member minimum requirements. Participate in Kabam forum alliance recruitment forums by creating discussions and responding to players questions as needed.

Recruitment Officer Requirements:
- Must be semi-active on Kabam forums
- Must meet the member minimum requirements below

Member Minimum Requirements:
- Be level 17 or higher
- Must be online at a minimum of at least every 2 days. You will be kicked if you do not provide not notice to officer or leader in advance.
- Must participate in Alliance Wars and Alliance Quests. We may skip a round of War or Quests for any reason at any time.


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