How useful is nightTRASHer

i drop this game when symbionte supreme was released due to boredom, and i pick up again a few days ago

and i just pull this 5* guy with the skate, he doesn't look very good but i don't know, what's your opinion of him?


  • Adishvar_26Adishvar_26 Posts: 46
    He is pretty good
    should i upgrade him? i already have blade r4 and hawkeye at r3
  • Bigg_DoggBigg_Dogg Posts: 128
    Him and darkhawk are an excellent duo for the trinity
  • BackjrBackjr Posts: 31
    Hea great against evade champs, just keep spamming mediums.. also his sps are skateboard attacks too so they cannot be evade. Parry n DeX until u get to a sp1(he gains power as long as you're under a bar of power using these masteries) and save to a sp3, it makes his debuffs last longer. The more debuffs the harder he will hit. I have him as a rank3 and I dont complain at all
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