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How long before a new member can join AQ?


I've been running an alli for over 2 years, over the course of which several new recruits were able to join AQ provided they joined the alli before it was launched.

Today however, a new guy joined 1h48 m and another 1h18m before the new aq was started... but neither of them can participate as of yet. They can only spectate.

Can I get some official info on the exact delay before a new player can enter AQ, please? This is really inconvenient as maps were launched relying on a full group.

Many thanks.


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    TerraTerra Posts: 8,146 ★★★★★
    I think it is like a day or so after joining that they can participate. Not sure though
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    They should be able to join a fresh new AQ! They can't participate in one that already started after they joined.
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    They can join AQ so long as they joined your ally “before” you started that day's AQ, -AND- their old ally is still not in the middle of an AQ from when before they left that ally.

    If case (1) is met, but not case (2), then it may just be a matter of hours before they could join your current one (once their old ally's AQ finished up). Else they would have to wait until your next day's AQ to join.

    That is separate from a “waiting period” or “blackout period” in which you need to be in an alliance by before being able to qualify for AQ Series Rewards (which I think is not even an issue anymore, except maybe at the very top level of alliances ??)
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    Little_Crocodili29Little_Crocodili29 Posts: 293 ★★★
    Apreciate the speedy reply :) tho it still left me baffled about today @Kabam Vydious lol But it confirmed I hadn't hit my head and imagined the past 2 years of recruiting.

    @SummonerNR was bang on tho. Both their previous allis running later than ours. Attackers stuck over there.

    Funnily had never happened before. First time for everything, I guess lol I'll keep this in mind for the future.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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