Another tale of weird summoner gameplay

So raise your hand if you've done this. I was cleaning up the lower difficulties of Alternate Reality maps and decided to auto-fight through while working on something else. So I just throw the highest available champs onto a team, enter the map, start the first fight, and then went to work on something else. I glance down, see the fight's over, and move to the next fight. And the next one. And the next one. And then my brain registered the odd thing about the fight screen:

Zero hits? And then I realize I'm "auto-fighting" while autofight is turned off. Since Void was the highest champ I threw on the team the game kept auto-selecting him for every fight, and Void was just killing things with his debuffs while he just stood there.

Lots of champs can basically kill without attacking, like Iceman or Omega or Electro, so this isn't specific to Void. But while I think everyone has accidentally left autofight off and then glanced down to see they've taken a hundred hits and counting, this is the first time I've accidentally left autofight off and still kept plowing through the map without noticing.

Who else has done this by accident? Is this a common glitch? What's the silliest or dumbest thing you've done, that you didn't even notice you were doing for an extended period of time?


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