Annihilus lives up to its name

I'm quite certain that in Kabam's data, there are more deaths in Annihilus Boss Fights (both in EQ or in special quests) than the other boss fights. hahaha I had one shot the rest of the boss in UNC EQ, but not him. Took me 2 revives.

It's so effin hard to bait his specials and not get obliterated from being pinned on the left wall. lol
I'm not good at fighting him. #MyLifeSucks


  • Khaos_knightKhaos_knight Posts: 17
    Get a champ who can nullify the control rod then power drain him. I love using my duped hood against him. I dont know what uncollected is like but all i can say is to be patient and take a stagger champ to stop him dead in his tracks. If you dont have a stagger champ then wait until you see an opening in between his unstoppables then strike hard.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 5,015 ★★★★★
    I agree OP. The alien bug is annoying and I keep getting clipped by his sp1, since it has 2 quick claw attacks after another. Annoying is Annihalus middle name.
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