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AQ Cost Bug

Hey Kabam!

I wanted to bring a bug to your attention. I've noticed that since modifiers have been released the cost for running each map is no longer the same in each battle group on the same day (see pictures). Interestingly the battle group that gets the increased price doesn't seem consistent. It's alternated between BG2 and BG3 in my alliance without any pattern I can discern. Would appreciate any help with this!


  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 290
    Here's some pictures from earlier this week:

  • BendyBendy Posts: 1,928 ★★★★
    Bg2 is always 50% where as bg1 and 3 is 25% but the map 6 one defo seems odd as bg3 is the highest amount where as bg2 is lower but just seems the highest went to bg3 instead if bg2 but still same cost when doing it daily and the top 1 map 5 there the correct total just something up with map 6 costings
  • On 2nd set of pics (from the day beforehand) doing Map-6 in (at least) BG 2/3, you don’t actually show what BG1 was running that day.

    In general the 25/50/25% is accurate if running SAME Map in each BG. But if that earlier day you were running either 766 or 566, that would be why BG2 gets the “first” group (of that map) cost of 25%, and then BG3 (second group doing that map) would be the 50% cost.

    Otherwise ally's who run different maps in a given day would always run their higher maps in BG1 and BG3, with BG2 running the lower Map (to avoid paying the 50% fee) So Kabam made the costs pertain to not a specific BG, but to how many groups overall are running the map.

  • ...so if you ran totally different maps across all BG's (like 765), I’m pretty sure that day’s cost would be the 25% cost Level in all 3 of your BG's that day.
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