Weekly 5* Sig Stone Arena

With how difficult it is for F2P players to max sig champs and arena getting little to no updates on making them more worth while can we get a weekly sig stone arena put up?

If there was an arena, with final milestone at say 3M, that provided just 10 sigs a week it would help a lot of F2P folks boost their rosters. 10 sigs a week only amounts to 520 sigs a year, assuming you do ALL milestones every week, and at best is just 2.5 maxed out champs. Knowing this, it wouldn't be a drastic and significant boost that creates an imbalance as i'm sure folks would still be paying $$ for the occasional sig stone deals to avoid "grinding".

Hopefully this is something that can be considered soon, it's rough out here trying to avoid the $$cash$$ deals.
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