EQ Completion Solo Challenge

I know this will probably never change, like removing how passive Kang/Thanos teams are in arenas fights, but this forum is to discuss things right?!? 😂 So here we go!
I decided to attempt to finish this month’s EQ while this great event was up. This is nearly my 4th year playing MCOC and it’s the 1st time I have ever gained all milestones.

Now let me cover what it took me to get there. 😂

3.2 5x
3.1 5x
2.2 4x
2.1 4x

I spent 13 full energy refills and countless small energy refills. Now sure I could’ve replayed 3.2 for higher points, but what’s the point??? Idk about y’all but I play the event challenges for the revives and units. the rest goes into the “no use” pile.

So let’s say I didn’t play any of this month’s EQ until this completion event. It’s a 22hr event and since I’m not a bot, 8 of those hours I gotta sleep. That leaves 14hrs. So I will get 2 free full energies bars, which means I need to spend about 8 more energy revives just to dent this event. Not to mention only 7 runs of 3.2 will benefit me, but et’s just say I did all that. How many times a month does completion come up? 3-4x a month? 24-32 refills for 4 small revives and 100units? Seems cumbersome compared to all other events.

Anyone else feel this way about this event?
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