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26mil Platinum 4 top 800AQ Alliance looking for 1 ASAP

Our alliance is looking for 1 summoner ASAP to replace a member who had to leave due to a family emergency.

We do a combo of map 5/6 and get over 250mil in AQ weekly which always puts us in top 800
We fight primarily in tier 4 in war and have been consistently plat 4

Looking for someone ASAP, preferably before matchmaking for war.

- Have a good attitude
- Be able to finish map 5 with ease and clear a path in tier 4 with one or fewer deaths on average.

- Over 9300 prestige
- Can finish map 6 easily
- Has ample tier 4 war miniboss experience
- US timezone

Willing to entertain others however. Please message me on line or in game:

Line: Cendar333
IGN: Cendar333

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