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Uncollected title not appearing

Hey! I recently become uncollected and now, after about a week my uncollected title is not available and also the monthly uncollected event is locked.
Though i have access to my uncollected calendar and crystals.
Whats the reason for this to happen?


  • Player_SlasherPlayer_Slasher Posts: 32
    Kabam Support should help you
  • EinfachSo said:

    Maybe you cheated :#

    No i didn't. But yeah i was banned for a week. I didn't cheat for sure!
    My alliance members told me that i was banned bcoz of using vpn and also i completed the whole chap3 and 4 in one day and ig thats why kabam suspected me and banned bcoz i was using vpn
  • Player_SlasherPlayer_Slasher Posts: 32
    Using vpn is not against ToS. Here's an old post from 2018.
    You must have been banned for a valid reason, were you using mods or an emulator? Did you say something wrong on any chat? Kabam ain't good on a lot of things but they're pretty sharp with bans
  • Hey there, for account-specific question, our Support Team would be the best equipped to look into things for you. You can reach them from the game's home screen by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the screen and then scrolling down to the button labeled "Support".
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