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Second account?

Hello there,

I just started to play on my second account, reason is to stack up units for mastery, because on my first account I F***ed up units on crystals(beginner mentality), anyway for now I play on both accounts, but I have to ask if is worth stacking up units, unlocking masteries first? Or what should I do to get a lot better in the game..

I have to mention that on first account i'm stucked, can't explore act 4 ch 3(hate starburst), and I can't get uncollected, stucked on 5.1.3(If I try harder I can pass this one, I haven't focused on this) but i'm afraid I will stuck on 5.2(if I manage to get there).

So, I don't know what exactly to do, another thing is that on first account I kinda had luck with champions, got some good ones(4*ghost dupped, 4*havok, 4*archangel, 4*darkhawk, 5*hyperion…) on second account, just got few 4* which I only use mysterio and elsa.

Some advices for my dilemma would be great.


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    Why do you need to start a new account n order to get Units to setup different Mastery than on your existing account ??

    Are you talking just the Units from completion/explore of Act's 1/2/3 ?
    If so, there are so many other units available out there up and above those early Act's that should be much easier to get each day/week/month with an already higher champ roster (even if they aren’t the greatest champs).

    See Monthly Quests (Beginner/Normal/Heroic and even Master, that a new account couldn’t do).
    And Weekly (actually twice weekly) Arena Milestones can rack up a bunch more Units with a larger roster in an older account, versus a much smaller amount of champs available in a new account.
    As well as Daily 22-hr Solo Events (4th Milestones), which are easy to get for most of the different types of daily Solo Events (all except Quest Completion), including some that are easier with that larger roster size.
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    Zakrw_317Zakrw_317 Posts: 50
    I have a 2nd account just for champions I don't have on my main but this is like rule number 2 is never waste units on crystals or anything you can get without buying. I only spend units on mastery cores I cant speak for anyone else but always remember that.
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    Darksun987Darksun987 Posts: 83
    edited February 2020
    Masteries aren't that critical. They help but they do not make or break anything. Best way to grind units is arena, maybe you won't get many right away but as your roster expands its easier to hit milestones and if you hit all the milestones on 3* and 4* you'll be swimming in gold, premium hero crystals and have a steady supply of units.

    I think when you first start the most critical thing is learning how to maintain a combo without losing it so block, parry, evade, heavy bait, bait a special, use stun to hit evade champs...these are techniques you're going to use very often like every quest you run past act 2. Beyond that, grind the hell out of arena to expand your roster and your units and use your units to complete and explore quests via buying energy or potions to help you beat the content.

    That's your basic pipeline of resources and this is a resource management game. Beyond that, focus your rankups on 4* and better champs and the biggest best thing you want to achieve is to become Uncollected so you can open up the endgame.

    Also for energy management I wouldn't 100% any of the stories until act 4 for the masteries (and that after uncollected) but I WOULD 100% whatever difficulties you can on monthly event quests as those are always worth it.
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    He’s already at 5.1.4, so assume he knows how to play by now.
    Just saying that even if you wasted some Cores on the wrong Mastery Nodes at first, it would be faster to re-build your Units, get more Cores, and then change your Masteries (yes, OP, you can actually change your Masteries, those old/outdated Mastery Reset Point items are no longer needed to do Resets), it would be easier to get the needed Units on his larger existing account rather than to start from scratch.
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    Darksun987Darksun987 Posts: 83
    edited February 2020

    He’s already at 5.1.4, so assume he knows how to play by now.

    Ok somehow missed that, how do you get that far without knowing arena rewards more units faster than starting over does?

    Only thing I'd start over for is if I was like 30 days in and hadn't taken advantage of arena beginner bracket but beyond that it's just slower to start over again to do anything at all.
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