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Unable to Claim AW completion rewards

WhiteStrikerWhiteStriker Posts: 107
edited March 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
I don't know if kabam will every see my posts. If I don't see a reply to this post I will never login back to this forum.

I am not able to claim AW rewards. I keep hitting the claim button and it keeps popping up again and again and never adds to my stash. It is happening to most of the people in my alliance


  • DjmagsDjmags Posts: 115
    You need to send a ticket to Kabam and they will answer your question, asking them to answer in here is the wrong way to go about it. In your game go to support.
  • Yeah, we can't assist with this specific issue on here. Definitely recommend reaching out to Support. You can do so via the in-game menu or by clicking HERE.
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