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Adjust Vision Aarkus? Some love needed?

His play style is a but clunky - not as smooth as needed for fluid intercepting while he builds power - it seems like his attack range and movement range is small?

His ramp up is also slow and clunky... rotating through s2/3/1 don’t have that same feel as doom.. maybe namor if i had him - Only watch the youtube players...

It’s a shame because he’s got that cool retro design and a chance to join OG Vision in game for a great team.. maybe with the robot teams to diversify and make this type of team viable in diverse content... but his synergies are... ?odd as in hard to see where the team is being suggested.. compared to f4 plus doom? Or caiw plus avengers?

But he just seems to lack a bit of everything from gameplay, to damage, to utility and to synergy..

Could he get some love and polish?
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