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Next R5?

UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 5,400 ★★★★★
Hey folks, I'm looking for some opinions and maybe an interesting case to be made for one of the not so obvious choices.

Current R5 champs:
- Night Thrasher
- Cap iw
- Darkhawk
- Domino
- Captain marvel
- Man-Thing
- Mojo

State of progression:
- Currently at 6.4 completion (just did 6.4.4. to be precise)
- 6.1. nearly explored the rest only completed
- Variant 2-4 explored Variant 1 untouched
- LOL and Abyss untouched

Who could help me the most with the rest of 6.4. also put in a lot of work with act 6 exploration?

Many thanks in advance!

Next R5? 37 votes

Quake (sig 40) - I'm okay with quake'n'bake and still working on quake'n'shake)
Lvernon15SiddhantKwatraAleorSmashRockypantherxRwj_2YENANSASHESSunny2Marcot22lowlevelplayerNgoalong711 11 votes
Mister Fantastic (sig 1)
Dynasty 1 vote
Venom (sig 80)
BigMoGiodood_1Fabwizi 3 votes
Colossus (sig 20)
JleodavQfuryAnTi_NooB 3 votes
Hyperion (sig 1)
SnakeEyes69MagicBentonSIlverProfessorDragonMCOCOsfan8Charlie_SceneBattle_GreninjaJmurphMoudouEnvi1kubricknolanGraewoodHedronTheBestinTuakauMasterpuffBoranParkermOonligHtSonata7JABBA_2manan_44 19 votes


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    Quake (sig 40) - I'm okay with quake'n'bake and still working on quake'n'shake)
    Best champ in the game imo, and by ranking her up you’ll use her more and get better with her
  • Hyperion (sig 1)
  • GraewoodGraewood Posts: 59
    Hyperion (sig 1)
    Quake or Hyp will be great.

    Hyperion was my MVP against the grandmaster in 6.4.6, follow by cap IW.

    Personally cant wait to pull 5 star quake, but I dont think she'll go higher than rank 4. The fights where she's MVP she probably will be at r4 or r5.
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,895 ★★★★★
    Quake (sig 40) - I'm okay with quake'n'bake and still working on quake'n'shake)
    I’m only slightly ahead of you in progression. I’ve got 6.1 and 2 explored, 6.3 and 4 completed, LOL explored and Variant 1 explored. And I can confidently say that I wish I had a 5* Quake at R5 for every single one of those pieces of content. I’ve not done much of 6.3 and 4 but from the looks of it, she is one of the best options for a lot of paths.

    I’ve got Hyperion at R5 and while he is amazing and incredibly useful, I would trade him in any day for a Quake. But I would say that you try and get them both up as soon as possible

    I’m not sure how useful the rest would be for you. It’s also worth taking into account that it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Hyperion and Quake are coming as 6*s while the rest are already.

    Basically, go Quake
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