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CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
One trash pull after another, I don't blame kabam as there are more dont wants than wants in game. But today i felt like i have had enough, after playing red rooms back to back even though its boring af, i keep entering the rifts in hope of sci ag to awaken my void, and what do i get?: Mystic,mutant,mystic,mutant.
I know that i still have around 8 shots at sci ag, but what hits me is the tendancy of this game to keep testing my patience, i feel like tht the game knows what you dont want....(ik its not true), this game is no longer fun to me, it has started to frustate me

Can u just rigg it a bit in favour of players, like making crystals to give a decent champ(kabam knows who are considered good champs) in every 10-20 pulls. Atleast give players something to keep them going. When a player gets a good pull, he will play the game for a month or two with full dedication, bcz he knows wht he is doing, he would collect items to upgrade the champ, he would master the champ, in a nutshell it will give him joy (and thts what the point of game is)

Ik people would say take a brake, if u cant handle it polish ur skills, crystals are are based on rng , noo game should be fair. These are all valid points and i am aware of thm, but even u know the game is no more wht it used to be it has gone from fun to grind


  • TherealdmoTherealdmo Posts: 8
    It does stink with a constant flow of bad pulls but you will eventually land some god tiers and just keep in mind it takes just a handful of them to change your main teams you run. I encourage you to just keep at it or maybe take a step back from whatever you do now and lower level aq or aw maybe no arena other then for donations. I think everyone who plays this game goes through these series of bad rng at some time or another you can’t have bad luck all the time
  • Southern_KantSouthern_Kant Posts: 141
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