Civil Warrior buff idea.

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Civil warrior is good. He has utility and he’s fun to play. But we must agree here that the damage is somewhat lacking. With kabam investing more time and effort into buffs I thought I would give a few pointers as to how civil warrior could become a very good champion. (I know there’s a thread for this but nobody actually reads that so I thought I should put it here)

Civil Warrior

Class: Tech
All stats based on a 5* 5/65

Health: 32,000
Attack: 2,400
Critical rating: 650
Critical damage rating: 750
Armour rating: 520
Block proficiency: 5000

Armour up
Power burn
Perfect block

Arc Armour

Iron mans armour gives Civil Warrior a 20% chance of gaining an armour up buff increasing armour by 500 for 15 seconds whilst blocking. This chance increases to 50% on well-timed blocks.

When 5 stacks of these armour ups are reached they convert into a passive armour up granting 1000 armour permanently. Max 10.

*this maximum is super hard to reach defensively and any armour break can remove these anyways so don’t worry, 10000 armour isn’t going to be a massive worry.

Arc Shield

An advanced form of Captain America’s shield gives civil warrior an additional 20% perfect block chance. 50% on well timed blocks. This chance is increased by 5% for every armour up buff and 10% by every armour up passive.

Arc retribution

Civil warriors armour stores kinetic energy, increasing Civil Warriors attack by 480 for every armour up passive active. Block damage taken whilst a passive armour up is active is reflected onto the opponent.

*this is the damage that would be taken without the perfect block chance and armour just to clarify. Oh and it will reflect 100% of the damage.

Arc resistance

The Arc suit reduces the potency of bleed, poison and incinerate effects by 15% per passive armour up. Any bleed, poison or incinerate effect applied is counted as an armour up.

Arc suit analysis

Tony Stark embedded a super smart AI within the Civil Warrior suit granting different effects on different classes

Tech - reduce the potency of all power draining effects by 10% per passive armour up

Mutant - reduce incoming special attack damage by 15% for every passive armour up whilst blocking

Skill - reduce critical rating by 5% for every passive armour up

Science - reduce debuff potency by 10% for every passive armour up

Mystic - reduce the chance that nullify effects trigger by 10% per passive armour up effect


The suit also passively reduces the opponents ability accuracy by 15% for every passive armour up effect, no effect on cosmic champions.

Heavy attacks

Place a passive heal block lasting 15 seconds. Special attacks convert this into a heal - reversal passive reducing all healing effects by 150% lasting 15 seconds

Special attack 1

Gain 5 armour up buffs. Deal 10% additional energy damage for every passive armour up effect.

Special attack 2

Power drain 100% of the opponents current power. This attack gains +100% damage for every bar of power drained, dealt as energy damage.

*this applies on the rocket boot hit that drains the power.

Special attack 3

Power burn 100% of the opponents current power, this power burn will deal +150% of the power burnt as direct energy damage. If they are not on maximum power power lock them for 5 seconds. Increased by 2.5 seconds for every passive armour up effect.

Signature ability, Advanced Arc Overload

An advanced form of arc overload regenerates 10-20% of maximum health when Civil Warrior reaches 15% health. Increased by a flat 10% for every passive armour up effect. Also gain a passive armour up effect increasing armour by 1500. If 10 stacks are already applied then replace a current one.


Arc armour 2.0 - with Civil Warrior - Civil Warrior: gain +10% power gain for every passive armour effect on Civil Warrior

Stark Technology - with Iron Man, Superior Iron Man, War Machine, Hulkbuster, Iron Man Infinity War - Iron Men: Start the fight with a passive armour up effect
Civil Warrior - Landing a heavy attack instantly drains 10% of the opponents current power.

Captain America’s shield - With Captain America, Captain America WWII, Captain America IW - Captain Americas, perfect blocks drain 20% of the opponents max power instantly
Civil Warrior - well timed blocks have a 100% chance of granting an armour up buff.

Strengths - All or nothing, Civil warrior drains power on heavies allowing for infinite heavy chains, stun immunities, Civil warrior can just chain perfect blocks and gain tons of armour ups, suicide masteries, Civil Warrior gains 150% bleed and poison resistance at 10 armour ups meaning he can mitigate much of the damage taken from suicides and heal from them using willpower, mutants, he can tank L3s if needed with his abilities to reduce special attack damage.

Weaknesses - armour breaks, armour breaks mean that Civil warrior can’t get his armour and thus all of his abilities, armour shatter, armour shatters completely shut off Civil Warriors armour ups, cosmic champions, no special ability, no AAR.

Edit: sorry I put this in general discussion by accident. (Although I’m sure a mod will move it soon)


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