New Champ Request/Suggestion

Skill Champ
Signature Ability
▪Lethal Marksmanship
•Marksman has +10% Damage(Minimum SA lvl. Up to 35%)
•When the opponent has a Bleed debuff, Marksman projectiles has an X%(Base on SA lvl) chance to inflict Stun debuff for X seconds(Base on SA lvl)
•Heavy Attacks on Marksman mode: Bullseye loses 4 charges of Darts Ready and throw 4 Darts simultaneously. If successfull, inflicts Heal Block and Bleed, damaging X Health per second for 10 seconds. The first three throws can be evaded. The last throw can't be evaded. If the opponent Blocked 3 or more hits from this attack, the Debuffs inflict instead. If Target Locked is active, this attack cannot miss.
•When Bullseye evades, he gains 4 charges of Darts Ready.

▪Dashing Backwards:
•Dashing Backwards and holding for 1.5 seconds gains a charge of 'Darts Ready'. Stacks up to 15 charges.

•When Bullseye has 'Darts Ready', he gains Marksman. When away from his opponent, he can throw Darts. His light attacks becomes range projectile. If hits successfully, the attack has 5% Power Burn. Opponents doesn't gain Power when Blocking attacks from Marksman. (Dashing forward followed by Light Attack combos or doing light combos when close to opponent doesn't trigger Marksman. Only when away)

▪Target Locked
•When Bullseye knocks down his opponent, he gains Cruelty, Precision and True Strike for 10 seconds. Additionally, he has a 14% chance to inflict Bleed, damaging X Health per second for 8 seconds.

•If Target Locked is active, Bullseye can evade all Physical Projectile Attacks.

•Bullseye is not a fool. If the opponent used same Special Attack in a row, he evades all the attacks.

•You gain +50% Gold and XP when beating Kingpin, Daredevil(both), Elektra, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on unexplored quests. (Not including arenas and duels)

Special Attack 1
•Bullseye uses his combat skills in this attack. If the opponent just got up from knocking him/her down, this attack becomes Unblockable.

Special Attack 2
•If 'Target Locked' is Active and the opponent is Blocking, Bullseye can still trigger Critical Damage and the opponent has -10% Block Proficiency. This attack has + Damage based on your current Combo Meter. Your Combo meter x10 + your damage.

Special Attack 3
•Bullseye uses all the materials around him to throw at his opponent. This attack has inflicts Bleed, damaging X Health per second for 12 seconds. If the opponent is immune to bleed, they lose all their Power instead. If the opponent has a Bleed debuff when activating this attack, inflicts Stun for 3 seconds.

•Kingpin: When Overpower mode, Dashing Attacks are Unstoppable. Additionally, Kingpin gains Power when striking a Blocking opponent.
•Bullseye: Darts Ready stacks up to 20 charges and gains Combo Meter Shield when Target Locked is Active.

•Daredevil(both): +25% chance to evade projectile attacks and 100% Chance to evade Unblockable attacks.
•Bullseye: +20% Physical Resistance for 10 seconds whenever the opponent evades Bullseye's attacks. Does not stack.
•Elektra: Increase Critical Damage Rating based on how low the opponent's health are.

Luke Cage, Iron Fist: +10 Armor and 75 Critical Rate
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