Who to prio? rank up

So got so many choices and so few resources.....
who would you prio?

about 5*
Not duped: Squirrel Girl(r3), Human Torch(r3), Dr Doom(r3), Tigra(r3), Red Guardian(r3), tech spidey(r2), Namor(r3), blue girl sorcerer supreme(r3), Hyperion(r4), IWIM(r3), Mysterio(r3)

Duped: Hulkbuster(r3), Luke(r3), Nova(r3), Starlord(r3, lvl 200), Aegon(r3 lvl 200), old man logan(r3), Cull obsidian(r3), Clair BW(r4), Quake(r4)

1, dr doom
2, human torch
3, red guardian or namor?
ergh wish i had cowhale resources now :p

I have no intention to do labyrinth as meeh rewards for time lost and no intention to do abyss so not sure how prio starlord and aegon is if im not going to do them.....


  • Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 555 ★★★
    I'd say rank up human torch or doom to rank 4, both of them are better with their signature ability but perfectly usable without it, IMIW is another great utility tool so he can also be considered, I don't have much knowledge of sorcerer supreme and mysterio so I can't talk about them
    Red Guardian is much better awakened but I do not have much experience of him, only seen YouTube videos
    Namor must be awakened and at high sig level to unlock his damage reflect utility but he still is a good damage dealer, needs awakening for max utility
  • RoKoPlayzzzRoKoPlayzzz Posts: 242
    If it was me I would either save to r5 bwcv, r4 Ægon, r4 doom or r4 starky. But choose whichever champion you prefer to use in general and whichever you use the most in fights.
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