Red Cross Fundraiser

Rather than send us an email to go help our fellow gamers in FL, TX, and Mexico affected by recent disasters, why doesn't Kabam step up and raise money for the Red Cross. Have a special sale like you did for black Friday with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. Virtual content costs you nothing but coding time. Do your part as part of the community to help those in need. Even those that don't normally spend might be willing to for a good cause. You can reach millions of people with very little effort. Even walmart is willing to double every donation made to their relief efforts. You could step up and show the community your support for those in need. Let's see your true colors Kabam.


  • CA2HICA2HI Posts: 19
    Yeah I totally agree. Don't send us $100 offers and then follow it up w/ a message asking to donate. Doesn't really show them taking any initiative. If they even did a simple boost w/ 3* crystal, 500 4*shards and 100 5* shards for $10 that they would donate to red cross then I'm sure a bunch of people would help the cause. Giving up so little in the game to help a good cause. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf #needtofigureouttheothernamestotag lol
  • 100% spot on. Lets see you do it Kabam...
  • Just donate to the Red Cross. You don't need an Offer to help out.
  • How about a Red Deadpool offer where all the proceeds go to the Red Cross?
  • Just donate to the Red Cross. You don't need an Offer to help out.

    It isn't about 1 person, it is about mobilizing an entire community and creating some good PR for Kabam. The sad fact is the some won't do anything or are in foreign countries where is it hard to anything even if you want to. This would give them an opportunity to help, and get a little digital feather in return.
  • Jon8299Jon8299 Posts: 1,067
    Don't understand why this keeps popping up. If Kabam and Netmarble want to help with donations for the Hurricane victims, they can do so cause they make enough money to make that decision. They're not gonna announce that they donated cause it would make them look really bad to announce such a thing.

    They don't need to sell in game items to people to rack up donations for natural disaster victims, it would make them look greedy. If they come up with a sale to save and help endangered animals that's one thing, but to come out with a sale for natural disaster victims it just doesn't sound right. If they said that half the revenue from the current in game items for sale would go to the victims of the Hurricanes that would be the best thing for them to do.

    Also I don't even think it's up to Kabam to come up with emergency sales, it might have to do with Apple and Samsung. Instead they would just send you a text message, asking you to donate and to reply by saying yes and giving them a number.

    I wouldn't want to open a 4* crystal or 5* crystal cause I bought something that went to help people who are Hurricane victims. This makes me feel sick to mention crystals and in game items, when I'm talking about people who are Hurricane Victims.
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