Bug with White Magnetos pre fight ability

There is a bug with the new pre fight ability of white magneto. The passive stuns don't trigger half the time and it's caused me to lose a lot of resources. I first noticed it in the iron man iw show up difficulty and then in a practice run of the rol winter soldier. Out of the 7 parties that I landed, 4 didn't trigger stun, and there was no immune text or tenacity or anything, just no stun at all. (this was during my testing on winter soldier) This is very frustrating, as I spent 200 units that I got from summoner appreciation yesterday on revives for the iron man iw show up right today, because the block damage was so high even on my rank 4 almost sig 100 colossus. I would parry and he would keep hitting me and all of a sudden 25% of my health is gone from block damage. This may have been covered elsewhere, but here you go. I feel a refund is a fair solution to this, since I have lost 200 units and a greater champion and health boost. My in game username is the same as this one. Thank you for looking at this.


  • I know that it has been covered elsewhere, but a refund or some kind of compensation would be nice. It caused a lot of anger and frustration earlier this morning. :)
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